Brian Lundeen


Mr. Lundeen’s practice focuses on the following key areas:

Litigation Consulting – Has managed several large, complex litigation matters consulting with counsel to assist in preparing detailed financial schedules and information used in both litigation, mediation, and settlement discussions. He has served as key support to the appointed expert in dozens of matters, assisting in the preparation of detailed expert reports that are crucial exhibits at testimony. Often involved in contentious matters, Mr. Lundeen has an acute ability for maintaining professionalism and exhibiting neutrality when required.

Fraud Investigations – Has investigated dozens of cases involving fraudulent transfers, Ponzi schemes, misappropriation of assets, and financial statement fraud. His practice utilizes cutting-edge software and investigative techniques that have aided in the investigation and recovery of losses. Mr. Lundeen has worked closely with counsel to assist in the analysis of the findings and preparation for prosecution.

Restructuring – Has provided interim accounting services during leadership transitional periods for both private and non-profit entities. Mr. Lundeen has deep knowledge of many accounting systems and software and has created short- and mid-term strategies addressing an entity’s ability to function and sustain growth to provide guidance to internal accounting personnel and Management. He has worked closely with accounting personnel to ensure compliance with program and funding guidelines and ensured deadlines were met. Mr. Lundeen utilized network of professionals to research and locate strong candidates for long-term leadership.

Insolvency – Has managed several liquidation and restructuring insolvency matters, engaged by bankruptcy trustees, debtors, creditors, creditor committees, and counsel. Many have involved complex financial transactions, often requiring detailed analyses to understand the transaction’s impact on the matter. Mr. Lundeen has assisted in examining Debtors both under oath in 341(a) proceedings and informally, often resulting in more efficient and cost-effective investigations.

Business Management Services – He represents individuals and corporations, managing all aspects of both personal and business finances for entertainers. With a keen understanding of inter-personal relationships, he monitors cash flow and offers clients real-time information and feedback regarding their financial health. He works with a trusted network of professionals to assist clients with real estate, insurance, and investment goals and strategies.


Business Management Services – Assisted in the reduction of both consumer and tax debt; aided in effectively staving off foreclosure and litigation proceedings, and successfully worked to generate positive cash flow for an individual facing bankruptcy. Worked one-on-one to coach and mentor the individual into making sound financial decisions.

Litigation Consultant to Mediator – Managed team to rebuild approximately 10 years of banking data to determine the legitimacy of allegations between and amongst partners of several real-estate holding companies. Effectively met with disputing parties together to obtain information to incorporate into analysis, and issued an expert report to outline findings.
Accountant to Court Appointed Receiver – Assisted the Receiver in securing the assets of an entity on behalf of the secured creditor. Performed detailed analysis on the accounting books and records to determine the outstanding receivables and assisted in the collection of amounts due. Worked directly with the receiver and his retained sales consultants to liquidate remaining liquor inventory for maximum recovery to the estate.

Interim CFO for Direct Lending Company and Affiliates – Served as Interim CFO for six months while the company and its affiliates reorganized its ownership and operations. Effectively managed both high-level strategic and day-to-day operations of the entity and assisted in the improvement of financial reporting and analysis. Managed personnel, finance, and operations while working to streamline and increase efficiency and productivity at the company. Successfully transitioned to a new ownership group and finance team.

Litigation Consultant to Counsel – Working with an extremely large data set, analyzed hundreds of thousands of legal invoices in attempt to determine the damages resulting from litigation of medical claims. Using data mining and extraction techniques, prepared summary-level schedules used to document and understand the overall damage amounts.

Interim CFO for Non-Profit Legal Services Firm – Served as the interim Chief Financial Officer for a non-profit legal services firm in California. Worked with internal accounting personnel to understand systems and software utilized and solicited input from personnel to improve and reduce inefficiencies. Coordinated with CEO and Human Resources to understand and meet compliance deadlines and requirements for funding sources. Assisted with the search for a strong leader to succeed the interim-CFO.

Litigation Consultant to Counsel – Successfully rebutted an expert report claiming hundreds of thousands in damages relating to the management and operation of several apartment buildings in Los Angeles. Engagement required detailed observation and analysis of records to refute the claims of the plaintiff.

Litigation Consultant to Counsel – Managed team that reconstructed three years of banking transactions for over fifty bank accounts held by various state, local, and federal politicians and campaigns in an effort to document the pervasive fraudulent transfers executed by a convicted treasurer. Prepared analyses of fraudulent transfers, and calculated summary transfers between accounts for counsel.

Consultant to a Fidelity Company – Examined Proof of Loss prepared by the appointed Conservator, analyzed available business records, and presented an alternative Proof of Loss approach, saving the Company tens of thousands of dollars.

Consultant to the Receiver – Reconstructed over seven years of banking transactions covering eighty bank accounts in an effort to document the pervasiveness of a fraudulent investment scheme. Assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and the United States Department of Justice in providing key insider information, fund transfer analysis, and asset management. Assisted in the reconstruction of options trading accounts used in the scheme.

Consultant to an Operating Chapter 11 Debtor – Assisted Debtor’s staff in reconstructing business accounting records, including accounts receivable and accounts payable, in an effort to obtain a favorable review from both Medicare and Medical auditors. Assisted Chief Restructuring Officer in providing the Creditor’s Committee with reliable, concrete financial data and a complex restructuring plan that was favorable to all parties. Helped to implement new company accounting and business procedures to promote efficient practices on a go-forward basis.

Consultant to an Operating Company Preparing for Sale – Assisted in providing due diligence services, including preparing analytical analysis and pro-forma financials for a potential acquisition involving a private party.

Consultant to an Operating Company Preparing to File – Assisted in preparing a rolling 26-week cash flow analysis in attempt to pinpoint the date of insolvency. Prepared forensic report of potential misappropriation committed by Company’s former CFO.